Why choose Beannut Butter

Garbanzo beans lack the allergens, fat, and calories of nuts while boasting a high protein and insoluble fiber content that supports proper digestive health and a better lifestyle.

Aside from all the health benefits of Beannut Butter, the best part is the incredible taste. Garbanzo beans are incredibly versatile ingredients; meaning this will not taste like another hummus. We capture the classic and much loved peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut spread flavors with our delicate balance of sweet, salty, and “nutty” (but without any of the nuts!) Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!

Give it a try!

meet the team

Beannut Butter was created by two college students with a passion for providing a snacking solution for individuals with allergies or restrictive diets. “We recognize that eating is a way to bring people together, and we want to make sure that no one feels excluded.”


sarah steinbrunner
food safety + Research & development

Sarah is the driving force behind product formulations and is working hard to provide more options based on consumer feedback. She is currently studying food science at The Ohio State University and loves to try new foods and cook (if someone else will clean the dishes).


taylor crooks
business development + sales

Taylor leads the daily operations of the business and actively works to build our brand from the ground up. He is a recent graduate from Ohio University with a degree in Finance. Taylor can’t wait to grow his own business, continue Jiu-Jitsu, and hopefully adopt his own cat.